About Us

The Business Line Inc. was established in 1995 with several goals in mind: we wanted to offer industry leading products for a safe working environment; we wanted to keep the client's procurement process simple and efficient; above all we wanted to provide exceptional customer service.

From the beginning. we've worked closely with our clients to understand and meet their needs. Our success is due to the many long-term relationships we have developed with clients and suppliers alike. Over the years clients have come to depend on The Business Line as a place to turn to for excellent service, support and outstanding products.

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What we do


For all your business needs we offer fully functional ergonomic chairs, executive task chairs, industrial and public seating. Customized options are available to respond to your specific requirements.


Whether you are looking to furnish a boardroom, reception area, training facility or your entire office, we offer a full array of furniture to meet your business requirements. Our products range from height-adjustable systems furniture to customized pieces in a wide variety of colours and fabrics.


Ranging from filing cabinets to lockers to wardrobe units our metal storage products are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit every office environment.


Ergonomics is the scientific discipline that is used to prevent and help reduce any form of discomfort, fatigue, pain and injuries that are caused from improper technique while working.

Ergonomics looks at the NEEDS of EACH INDIVIDUAL, and solutions are derived specifically FOR THEM.